Rules of conduct for slopes

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Note! Do not use flying drones in slope area without permission!

  1. Check your equipment and all the bindings before entering the skiing area. Wearing a helmet is advised.
  2. Join the queue for the ski lift and take the first place available. Leave the lift only in the indicated areas.
  3. Choose a trail according to your level of proficiency. Take time to study the trail beforehand.
  4. Keep a safe distance from other skiers on the slope. Give way to those descending behind you. Use extra caution around children on the slopes.
  5. Stop only in the places where you can be clearly seen. If you need to go up, use the edge of the slope.
  6. Adjust your speed according to your skill level. Pay attention to the snow and general slope conditions.
  7. Sledding is allowed only in the places indicated. You sled at your own risk.
  8. Being intoxicated on the slopes is strictly forbidden.
  9. In case of an accident, provide all possible aid and inform the staff.
  10. Follow all the instructions of the staff members. The personnel has the right to withdraw the ski pass from any skier disobeying the rules.

Help and advice can be obtained from the staff, ski instructions and ski pass sales office. Don´t hesitate to ask.

Read more about the safety on slopes:

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