Tourist information

Kuopio HarborAt the tourist infomation center of Kuopio, you can find helpful advice and tips for your holiday, local sights, accommodation and much more. The information services are free, there are city-maps, brochures, and application forms. Information services are available in Finnish, English and Russian.

In Kuopio Info you can also buy tickets to Kuopio Music Center and Kuopio City theatre. Also in Kuopio Info you can buy Waltti cards and Kuopio Info -products like example postcards.

Kuopio Tourist Infomation Center
Kauppakeskus Apaja
Kauppakatu 45, Kuopio 70110
Phone +358 17 182 584
Open weekdays 9 AM to 4PM

Kuopio Info is open end of the year:

thu 21.12. 9-16
fri 22.12. 9-14
wen 27.12. and thu 28.12. 9-16
fri 29.12. 9-14