Area Infomation

Kuopio toriKuopio is a lively lakeside city on the shores of Lake Kallavesi. With the Merging of municipalities, Kuopio is the eighth largest city of Finland with a population just over 105 000. Kuopio is one of the national centers of business, healthcare and education. Located at the heart of Savo region,  you can easily admire the famous Finnish nature. Half of the area around Kuopio is covered by beautiful forests, and one-third is water. Kuopio has an amazingly long coastline of 4760 km, where everyone can enjoy the beaches of Lake Kallavesi in almost every corner. Kuopio’s rich culture attracts tourists throughout the year to participate in interesting events and festivals, as well as access to a variety of Finnish historic sites. Kuopio is about an hour’s drive from the very popular Tahko Holiday Resort, which undoubtedly has Eastern Finland’s best ski slopes, and other fun activities.

With Kuopio being the central hub of Eastern Finland, it is easy to travel to here whether by car, train, bus or airplane.