The 75 m tall Puijo Tower, built on the summit of the 230 m high Puijo Hill is a famous landmark of Kuopio city. Inside the tower, it offers a magnificent view to the city, many forests, and the blue waters of turquoise Lake Kallavesi. The hotel Puijon Maja and a revolving panoramic restaurant at the top of Puijo tower. The restaurant serves delicious lunch and dinner with a heavenly rotating view of the city. The nearby old Konttila farm is also worth visiting, its surroundings have remained preserved since the 1800s. Puijo’s nature and tourist information center is located there as well.
Since the year 1928, the Puijo national conservation area has been the oldest winter resort in Finland and it is also known internationally as one of the Ski Jumping World Cup venues. During the Summer, you can explore the scenic hiking trails and appreciate the landscape.