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    Visit the unique Ice Cave in Leppävirta

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    Sunsets and sightseeings from the lake

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    Finnish traditions in a real jumberjack´s lodge

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Places of interest

Outside of the city center, you will find idyllic Finnish attractions.

On the nearby Vaajasalo island is Alahovi, the first berry wine yard of Finland. At the Alahovi berry wine yard are rustic buildings, a charming restaurant, and delicious wines made from Finnish berries. While you can travel to the island by car, but the easiest and most fun is by ship. Roll cruises offer special Alahovi packages that depart from the Kuopio Harbor every day.

Nearby Puijo Hill, is the old Konttila Farm. Once a tenants farm, now it functions as a heritage farm where the buildings are preserved. The farm is a fine example of a typical Finnish family farm, and the main building is one of the oldest in Kuopio. The Konttila farm has a outdoor cafe and Finnish farm animals.

At Rauhalahti, Kuopio’s 5 star camping area, is surrounded beautiful nature. There is a beach and the world’s biggest smoke sauna! You can also rent canoes, go fishing, hiking and do many other activities. Visit the Rauhalahti tourist center for more information.



rauhalahti nettivaraamo tarjous


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rauhalahti matkailukeskus

Rauhalahti Holiday Centre

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risteilyt kuopiossa

Kuopio Roll Cruises

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