Natural sites

Kuopio lakeKuopio area has many Finnish natural sceneries. You will find the beautifully preserved forest at Puijo Hill, the first conservation area of Kuopio, established in 1928.

The scenery is especially wonderful during Summer, and Winter. Summertime, the forests are full of life, green trees, and colorful flowers; Kallavesi Lake is sparkling under the Summer sun, and reflecting the bright blue sky and treeline. Wintertime, the landscape is covered with a blanket of shimmering white snow, and nights are bright from the reflected moonlight.

Kuopio has many beautiful nature trails. There is a possibility to choose either a more demanding route or an easy route which is available for everyone. Nature trails are located around Kuopio and some of them are only a few kilometers from the center. Every nature trail has signposts and painted signs so it’s easy to stay in a right route. Below you can find more info about nature trails.


The Puijo hill is located only a few kilometers from the center. There are three nature trails. The trails are quite demanding because of the variant altitude of environment. Along the trails are many info signs which are also in English.


These nature trails located about seven kilometers from the center. This area has three different nature trails. Easiest trails are two and four kilometers long and those are suitable for everyone. Longest trail is five kilometers and it’s quite demanding because of the environment. The info signs are only in Finnish.


This nature conversation is close to Rauhalahti Holiday Center. There are quite easy nature trails which are about two kilometers long. Trails go along shores and old forests. The info signs are also in English.


Ranta-Toivala has many good nature trails which are quite easy and about two kilometers long. There is also Karhonsaari island which has a few two kilometers trails. Along these trails there are many different trees and shrubs to enjoy.

Hiking trails in Kuopio:


This hiking trail is 10 kilometers long. The trail offers great areas for picking berries and mushrooms. In Finland it is possible to pick berries and mushrooms without the permission of the land owner.


This trail is for hikers who want to enjoy relaxed atmosphere, campfires, fishing and camping in the nature. The area has many places designed for campfire. The lake Naarajärvi offers the possibility for fishing.


The easy and fast way to travel around Kuopio is with bike. Kuopio offers great routes for cycling. The environment guarantee suitable routes for everyone. You can find demanding routes which are perfect for mountain bikers and also quite easy routes for people who just want to enjoy the journey itself. Cycling routes goes along the shores where you can feel the relaxing breeze of lake Kallavesi. If you enjoy more the inside land you can take a cycling trip to the beautiful country side.

Kuopio is known for its many lakes and ponds. These water areas offer many great opportunities for water activities like boating, canoeing, kayaking and fishing. The lakes and ponds are available for everyone and you can choose to enjoy numerous activities or just walk along shores and enjoy the stunning views of Kuopio. If you choose to sail on your own you can camp in little areas that have lean-to shelters, toilet facilities, woodsheds, separate quays for boats and canoes and sometimes a sauna and area for tents. For example Summa dock and Kipansalo offer these facilities.

Fishing opportunities are located around Kuopio and some of them are quite close to the center. Free fishing areas are for example Maljalampi, Pitkälampi, Sammakkolampi, Leväsenlampi, Pieni-Neulalampi, Pieni-Valkeinen in Päiväranta, Litmasenlampi, western part of Iso Valkeinen and Valkeinen which is located in the center. You don’t need a fishing license for angling, ice fishing, artificial lure fishing and fishing with fish trap. Fish traps are not allowed on the Valkeisenlampi.

Finland itself it’s known for hunting. Kuopio offers good hunting areas for people who are looking for small game or elks. If you are interested in hunting you need to have certain permissions and certificates. More info here.



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