Art and museums

KahvikauppaImmerse yourselves in Finnish culture and history. Kuopio’s collection of museums offer a variety of exhibitions and activities for visitors of all ages. Old Kuopio Museum, Art Museum of Kuopio, and the Kuopio Museum have exhibitions for the fans of art, science and history during the whole year.
Inside Kuopio Museum, you can see how a whole Finnish family used to live in savupirtti wooden houses, reveals the mystery of mammoths, and learn about Finnish wildlife. The Old Kuopio Museum, which has buildings dated back to 1700s, presents the life-story of famous Finnish writers such as Minna Canth and J.V.Snellman, the most influential figure for the Finnish language. The Art Museum of Kuopio is the permanent home for the masterpieces of famous artists such as Gallen-Kallela, Simberg and Halonen, portraying the nature of North-Savo.



kuopion korttelimuseo

Old Kuopio Museum

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kuopion taidemuseo

Kuopio Art Museum

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kuopion luonnontieteellinen museo

Kuopio Museum

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