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In Kuopio, you can enjoy the Finnish cuisine prepared with fresh fish, game, locally produced berries, vegetables and herbs. You will surely fall in love with our foods. Eat a delicious dinner in the traditional “Wanha Satama” restaurant while relish the atmosphere from the harbor and Lake Kallavesi. Experience the taste of adventure at Puijon Tower restaurant, with magnificent views in all directions. Eat at Amarillo restaurant along with Kuopio’s ice hockey team KalPa after their matches. Travel to Alahovi vineyard  to connect the food and locally produced berry wine. Enjoy fine dining at our rotisseurs shielded restaurants.




Scandic Kuopio´s delights

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Isä Camillo

Isä Camillo´s lunch

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Rauhalahden Jätkänkämppä perinneruokailu

Traditional Finnish dinner buffet in Jätkänkämp...

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Keilaa Bowl D1nerissa Kuopion keskustassa.

Restaurant BowlD1iner

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rauhalahti kuopio

Spa Hotel Rauhalahti

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Restaurant Harald

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Restaurant Musta Lammas

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Restaurant Isä Camillo

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Frans & Sophie bistro Kuopiossa

Frans & Sophie

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Scandic Kuopio logo

Scandic Kuopio

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amarillo kuopio

Amarillo Kuopio

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ehta kuopio

Restaurant Ehta

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rosso kuopio

Rosso Kuopio

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