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In Kuopio, you will find dishes made of local ingredients and prepared by some of the best chefs in Finland. Restaurants serve local fish, game and other tastes of Finnish forests, as well as locally-produced vegetables, herbs, and berries.

Try local delicacies and traditional Finnish cuisines at various popular Kuopio restaurants. If you are searching for something besides Finnish foods, there are also a wide variety of restaurants in Kuopio that specializes in different cuisines.  Restaurant premises can also be booked for private or corporate events.



Rauhalahden Jätkänkämppä perinneruokailu

Traditional Finnish dinner buffet in Jätkänkämp...

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Rauhalahti Paistipöytä

Spa Hotel Rauhalahti – buffets

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rauhalahti kuopio

Spa Hotel Rauhalahti

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Ravintola Apteekkari Kuopio

Restaurant Apteekkari

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Restaurant Musta Lammas

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Restaurant Isä Camillo

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Hotelli IsoValkeisen ruokaravintola Tori

Restaurant Tori

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Frans & Sophie bistro Kuopiossa

Frans & Sophie

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Scandic Kuopio logo

Scandic Kuopio

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ravintola wanha satama kuopio

Restaurant Wanha Satama

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amarillo kuopio

Amarillo Kuopio

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ehta kuopio

Restaurant Ehta

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rosso kuopio

Rosso Kuopio

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