You’ll find great fishing opportunities and spots in Kuopio, which is surrounded by the lake Kallavesi. The city owns 8500 hectares of water areas in Northern and Southern Kallavesi and also smaller ponds and lakes around Kuopionniemi. Brown trout, zander and whitefish are planted in the lakes annually.

Free-fishing areas are located at western part of Iso Valkeinen (the Päiväranta side), Maljalampi, Rahusenlampi, Pitkälampi, Samakkolampi, Leväsenlampi, Pieni-Neulalampi, Pieni-Valkeinen in Päiväranta, Litmasenlampi and Valkeinen in the centre.

Angling, ice fishing, artificial lure fishing and fishing with fish trap do not require a fishing licence issued by the city. Using equipment than the above is not allowed. For more information on different kinds of fishing licenses and fees you should check Kuopio City’s website.

Besides free-fishing, you can also take a part in a fishing trip organized by Ahtijahti. On a trip you will find the best fishing locations and suitable licenses with an experienced guide.




Fishing trips in Kuopio

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Kuopio´s free-fishing areas

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