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In Eastern Finland, at the center of the Lakeland area is the city of Kuopio. Surrounded by the beautiful Lake Kallavesi and forest, it is easy to be mesmerized by the beauty that Kuopio has to offer.

Kuopio is a great holiday destination throughout the year. Summertime, under the nightless sky, you could enjoy the nature at a lakeside cabin or attend different festivals and events. While in wintertime, Kuopio is a wonderful destination for winter activities, such as ice-skating, snowmobiling. Also, within an hour drive is Tahko holiday resort, known for the best snow slopes and after ski parties in Lakeland. There are many accommodation services in Kuopio, from elegant hotels and villas near the city to cozy wooden cabins in the forest. Come dine at our numerous different restaurants, staffed by some of the best chefs in Finland. Visit our shopping centers and stores, and bring home something special with you.

Visit Kuopio for your holiday and we will give you an unforgettable experience.



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There are plenty of personal things to experience in Kuopio. Visit the world´s biggest smoke sauna, enjoy the traditional Finnish evening with the Lumberjack´s show or relax in some or areas many spas. Skating on natural ice is also on top list when visiting this beautiful city surrounded by nature and lake Kallavesi. Be active or just relax. Read more about activities in Kuopio.Read more

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Finland Ice Marathon Kuopiossa

Events in Kuopio

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Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi

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Kylpylähotelli Rauhalahti_allasosasto

Holiday week in Spa Hotel Rauhalahti

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